E-racer and TTxGP

Paul Brandon and a team of students from the Faculty of Engineering raised industry sponsorship and developed a prototype electric motorbike entered in the TTxGP event

– see website with video on http://engineering.kingston.ac.uk/motorsport/ecobike.htm

The special TTxGP event over the world-famous Isle of Man TT course on 12 June is an exciting opportunity for leading innovators in racing and clean emission technologies to compete and prove to the world that being green does not mean being slow.

The event is an immense challenge, needing novel electrical, electronic and mechanical solutions to achieve maximum speed over the 37.7 mile circuit under the constraints of power/weight ratio and limited energy storage - see www.TTxGP.com

The race was on the 12th June and unfortunately, the Kingston bike had a motor failure and did not finish. On the positive side, of 26 bikes registered for the race, only 16 qualified and just 13 made it to the paddock. The bike performed really well during testing (being clocked at 95mph) and qualified 10 minutes inside the required time.