QuitMate: personal quit-smoking computer

Post date: Mar 11, 2010 6:45:30 PM


Andy Griffin

Product Description

The Quitmate® Quit Smoking Computer is your partner, working with you to encourage and motivate you to give up smoking.

By simply recording every cigarette you smoke, the Quitmate® will calculate a personalised program to help you reduce smoking levels and give up smoking for good. After every cigarette smoked the Quitmate® will set you a time based goal to wait until you smoke your next cigarette. Smoking levels are automatically reported in a variety of formats helping the smoker better understand their habit and motivate further reduction.


Exceeding targets by 5 minutes, for 10 consecutive days will cause a 20-a-day smoker to reduce to 9-a-day!

Stage Reached

Prototype devices and software developed.

IP Protection

Patent applied for and trademarks registered.

ObjectivesTo increase public awareness of the product and seek partners for commercialisation.

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